One World Editing offers several specialized services, including but not limited to the editing of the following: Technical documents, particularly patent applications; documents such as resumes, letters of application and recommendation; academic works such as papers for presentations and textbooks, and scientific and academic works being prepared for a popular audience. Other services include: Academic research, historical research, and research for business purposes; and book length projects, fiction and non-fiction.

    The area in which One World Editing offers its most unique service is that of editing works which have been translated into English. Translation presents challenges beyond the technical accuracy and grammatical correctness for which one would engage an editor. One World Editing provides standard technical editing with particular attention paid to the difficulties inherent in translated work.

    One World Editing will take any document, for example a letter, which has been only roughly translated, and create a polished document. This requires a consultation with the author/translator to be certain that the intent is clearly and accurately communicated.


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