One World Editing is an independent editing and research service. 1WE offers several many services, including but not limited to the editing of the following: Technical documents, particularly patent applications; documents such as resumes, letters of application and recommendation; academic works such as papers for presentations and textbooks, and scientific and academic works being prepared for a popular audience. Other services include: Academic research, historical research, and research for business purposes; and book length projects, fiction and non-fiction. As an independent service, One World Editing has the flexibility to take on any project, large or small. 1WE specializes in all types of works which have been translated from other languages.

Experience Matters

From patent applications translated from Japanese, to individual letters and resumes, 1WE offers twenty years' experience in refining the written word.

Who Needs It?

  • Translators, freelance or contracted
  • Patent applicants
  • Individual authors of scientific or academic texts or papers who wish to publish for a popular audience
  • Authors who wish to submit manuscripts to U.S. publishers
  • Applicants for colleges, universities, or jobs in the United States
  • Anyone with a text that needs polishing
  • Authors who require research assistance

Every Translation Benefits From Editing

  • Translations of all kinds
  • Patent Applications
  • Letters of application and recommendation
  • Submissions to academic, scientific, and medical journals
  • Literary works
  • Brochures, travel information
  • Instruction manuals
  • Advertising copy

One World Editing Works With You

While the initial translation or rough draft in English is the first step, a good editor takes a basic document and turns it into a polished work. Translation agencies make money on volume; One World Editing focuses on quality and attention to detail. By working closely with translators and authors, we make sure that the intent, clarity, and literal meaning of every document is preserved. With One World Editing, nothing is “lost in translation!”


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